Master include file for the whole project.

Master include file for CIB components, parses the URI to determine which other include files are needed by the current script. This file starts the session. One of the sub-included files normally will create the appropriate database connections.

This file is part of CompInaBox.

 include ("$CIB_INCLUDE_PATH/tools/{$CIB_TOOL_NAME}") (line 87)
 include ("$CIB_CONFIG_PATH/comps/{$CIB_COMP_UNIXNAME}") (line 84)
 include_once ("$CIB_CONFIG_PATH/tools/{$CIB_TOOL_NAME}") (line 81)
 include_once ("$CIB_INCLUDE_PATH/") (line 94)
 require ("") (line 21)

Include basic path information

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