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Developer To Do's

This page includes tasks that have not been scheduled onto the Developer's roadmap. Scheduling occurs by a developer sending an email to the compinabox-discuss list with a rough outline of their plans to complete the task and indicating which increment and spiral they would like to inject the item into.

There is a secondary list in the Developer Documentation under Todo. (Can't seem to link to it from here....) Those items have not been added to this list yet and may not be. In many cases they are "simpler" projects, but rather low priority. Most would make good "intro" projects.

If you would like advice on projects please email Eric. I hope to slowly enter the more well defined features in the RFE/task/bug trackers, as appropriate, and link the titles for more complete descriptions. I've also attempted to rate the difficulty/size of tasks with a * rating (*=easy/small, *****=hard/large). Non-starred tasks are too nebulous for a good rating at present and probably depend heavily on other tasks first.


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PHP Coding


I've marked these as medium tasks. In some sense they are extremely tough, but at the same time they can be approached a little bit at a time, and every little bit helps. You can start off picking a single, small isloated script/class and proceed from their.


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Java Coding