Ballroom Competition Planning and Execution

PrepStep Summary

PrepStep is the configuration tool for CompInaBox. At present it is only configuring SlidingDoors (and the embedded ContraCheck module). In the future it will configure the other tools as they are developed. Most of the other tools do not have the same load impact on the server and will require less customization and will pull more data directly from the "Ragu" Database that is created and populated by PrepStep.

A large portion of the PrepStep backend functionnality is in alpha testing. It lacks the actual creation of the database and web directoty, however given access to an existing (empty or populated) database it can configure a competition based on values in simple include files. In the future a web interface will be used to gather the data required in place of these include files.

Feature Set

At present PrepStep should support almost all competition setups as seen in the YCN environment. Support is missing for age level (Pre-Teen A/B...Senior A/B) based events (pricing based on age is supported). Support is also missing for "classification" (Pro-Pro,Pro-Am,Am-Am) as well as Caberet, Formation Teams, and Theatre Arts events. All three of these missing areas will be addressed in future releases.