Welcome to CompInaBox!

There is no installer yet and the steps needed are getting complex.  The 
development team is currently focusing on getting web-configuration of
competitions setup so that a single CompInaBox server can support multiple
competitions easily.  As more developers become involved with the project an
installer will probably rise in priority.

The following is provided to help yo find your way around the installation:
PREFIX=/usr/local/compinabox/: top-level directory, out of webtree
WEB=/var/httdocs/competitions/: top-level web directory

$PREFIX/CLASSES/: PHP Class files for all tools, webserver needs read access

$PREFIX/include: include files, has subtrees for tools and comps

$PREFIX/bin/: backend scripts for cleaning dbs, updating stats, etc

$PREFIX/doc/: documentation

$PREFIX/src/:tarball repository

$PREFIX/var :hold variable data, webserver needs write access

$PREFIX/www: a symlink to $WEB

$WEB/<toolrole>/: user accessible pages, toolrole is something like "register"
	for the tool SlidingDoors to make simplier URLS and is configured at
	CIB install time.
$WEB/<toolrole>/<compname>/: most tools will have information/help information
	at the toolrole level and actual "work" pages at the compname level
	for instanace to register for the MIT03 competition you would go to

Most tools will dictate their own internal layout.  Note that many will require
read-write access to web directory, normally at a level below their

Filesystem Layout: (Installation Instructions in INSTALL)
Class files for CompInaBox are universal to all tools and should be installed
in a directory outside the webtree, and readable by the web server.
/usr/local/compinabox/CLASSES for example.  

Include files are used by most of the tools for customization and storing
database connection information.  These include files are often written by
other CompInaBox modules, notably PrepStep.  They also belong outside of the 
webtree, but need to be in a directory read- and write-able bu the webserver.
/usr/local/compinbabox/include for example, tools and competitions will create
their own subdirectories beneath this as needed.

All Class and include files end in '.inc'.  If your hosting method requires
you to place these files in your web tree, you should see if its possible for
you to configure your webserver to deny all requests to server files ending in
In Apache
<Files ~*.inc>
    Order allow,deny
    Deny From All

Backend Scripts are used by some cronjobs and similar to keep the databases
optimized and to create new competitions, update statistics, etc.  These
scripts currently need to execute as root, but we are hoping to make setuid
versions.  These scripts 

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