After completing the CVS checkout,

1. cd include/conf/tools
2. edit
   A)  Fill in values for the top three sections
   B)  CIB_WEB_ROOT needs to be a full path to the
	www subdirectory of the CVS checkout
   C) CIB_WEB_INSTALL_DIR needs to be the URL "prefix"
        after the domain name before CIB pages.  Normally this
        is left blank, if the CIB index page is to be the index page of
        the entire website at the domain.
    D) You probably won't need to change the DB_NAME or the usernames,
        but you probably will want to change thee passwords.  You'll need
	them again in  few steps.

3. There now two options:
   A. Change the DocumentRoot, etc on Apache to server from the
	www subdirectory of the install if no WEB_INSTALL_DIR set, or add an
	ALIAS to redirect that directory to the www subdirectory
   B. Add a symlink from the named WEB_INSTALL_DIR in your DocumentRoot
	to the www subdirectory of the cvs checkout or a symlink on the
	DocumentRoot itself, if no WEB_INSTALL_DIR

4. cd www
5. edit .htaccess, change the include_path to the full path to the include 
	directory of the CVS checkout
6. cd ../include
7. edit, update CIB_PREFIX to point to the CVS checkout dir
8. edit www/newlayout.css
      Replace "~nielsene/cib/main-dev/ with WEB_INSTALL_DIR

9.  Check the website -- you should get database errors, but you should get 
	the website at this point,  if you don't double check all the paths

10.  If you're running your database on a seperate server than the website,
       Update include/classes/database/,
        Add "host=<db_hostname> " at the start of the "pg_connect" string 
        inside the first function of that file

11. Edit src/sql/cib_central.sql
   A. Goto Section II,
   B. Remove the "--" comments FROM all of the CREATE/ALTER statements in
	this section
   C.  Replace "CIB_*_PASSWORD" with your chosen passwords from step 2
12. createdb CIB_CENTRAL_DB name chosen in step 2
13. psql [CIB_CENTRAL_DB] < cib_central.sql
14. psql [CIB_CENTRAL_DB] < team_update.sql
15 repeat for team_update2.sql, team_update3.sql, announcements.sql,  

16.  Reload the website.  There should be no errors.

17.  Create a New Account through the website, follow the directions in 
  the email to activate the acccount.

18.  After activating the account, psql [CIB_CENTAL_DB] and 
  UPDATE users SET sideadmin=TRUE WHERE username='<your username>';

19.  Setup complete.  If you have questions about populating the site with 
results, opening events, etc please post them on the email list at the 
project's home page

------------ Some other back ground info ----------------

At present there are 5 defined levels of user-roles, plus the siteadmin level
Levels:  (these notes apply to the implementation of roles within SD,
as other tools are developed these roles will be more defined, a given
user may posses multiple roles even with a given competition)

Site Administrator: a sitewide superuser, all administrative options are 
	allowed, can approve the creation of new competitions on this server,
	create new accounts, etc.  The Site Admin should have a shell
	account/db access on the machine for cases of extreme trouble shooting.

Competition Coordinator: a compwide superuser, all competition specific
	administrative options are availible, may create new accounts with
	any access level except for Site Admin, full access to all tools,
	once PrepStep is complete the Comp Coord will not need shell access,
	before that the Comp Coord either needs shell access or the Site Admin
	needs to customize the comp

Competition Registrar: at present an unrestricted user within the SlidingDoors
	tool for a given competition , limited permissions within the other 
	tools, may create other Registrars for this comp, or Staff.  May also
	create/assign accounts for Affiliation Coordinators.  Only the
	Coordinator and Registrar are able to access the tools for e-mailing
	all competitors.

Competition Comptroller: at rather restricted SlidingDoors user, may have more
	permissions in other tools.  The Comptroller aka Treasurer, may
	update the fees received.  Otherwise equilivalent to Staff at
	present.  May create other Comptrollers or Staff.

Competition Staff: May only access the information export tool, may not create
	other accounts

Affiliation Coordinator: has unrestricted access to their affiliations
	group page, may create other affiliation coordinators

This is not a precise hierarchy rather think of it this way:

Site Admin --- Comp Coord --- Comp Comptroller --- Competition Staff
            |              |                    |
            |              |- Comp Registrar -|-|
            |              |                  |
            |--------------|------------------|--- Affiliation Coordinator

As time goes on expect more roles at the Comptroller/Registrar level to be
created for the new tools.  Any Comp * role adds an entry for Comp Staff
for all tools within that comp.  Within SD the Comp Registrar seems more
powerful than the Comptroller, but in other tools the Registrar may be use
a Staff while the Comptroller is practically a Coordinator.

As the tools mature it will be possible for the Comp Coordinator to fine-tune
the default permissions of the roles to more closely match their planning
organization structure and possible removing the overlapping aspects of some of
the roles for clarity.

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