Ballroom Competition Planning and Execution

Current Components

CompInaBox is divided into a number of components along functional lines. Following is a list of the different components, broken down according to their development status. Any component may have an experimental version at a lower developmental status. The drill down pages reflect the highest development status verison of a product. Features that are in an experimental verision will be tagged as such; and planned but nonexistent features will be tagged as "Coming soon".

Implementation Technologies

The PHP scripting languange is planned to be used for all components except for those requiring a more sophisticated user interface than web-forms can provide. The rewrite of Chester and the scheduling tool are to example of modules that will likely use Java instead of PHP.

Persistent data storage is acheived through the PostGreSQL RDBMS. Transient data transfer documents will be availbe in XML, as well as various flat text formats and formats derived from LaTeX source, such as PDF and PS.