CIB's preferred scrutineering application

Chester Summary

CompInaBox now provides scrutineering capabilities through compatibility with Chester. CompInaBox and Chester are currently interoperable at a basic level -- registration/event importing and result reporting -- saving the scrutineer the effort of manually entering entries and facilitating printing the results or posting them on the web. The developers of both are committed to increasing the level of interoperability.

Chester was developed and is actively maintained by Warren Dew and is availible free of charge to collegiate competitions using CIB for their other competition software needs. Other interested competitions should email Warren Dew directly.

Chester is currently Mac only and is not currently open source, but a platform-neutral Java version is under development. Chester is © Copyright 1997-2002, Warren Dew.

The Chester Viewer is a free limited version of Chester that is available to allow users to open existing competition files and print results, but not to modify or save the competition files. It also permits prospective users to view the functionality of Chester and train new users on how to use it. [ Download the Chester Viewer from (Mac, StuffIt archive)]

To contact Warren Dew to receive the full version or discuss licensing, email him at